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Leanne Hill Broker 740-397-8800 John Nussbaum Owner 740-507-1940 Steve Mullendore 740-501-3736 Ashlee Kelley 740-501-1813 Shannon Hundley 740-627-0336 John Sperry 740-507-3413 Charlotte Nichols 740-397-8800 Kevin Bullock 740-507-3453 Candis Duston O†ce Manager 740-397-8800 Tim Cunningham 740-397-8800 Larry Woolson 740-877-2041 Dustin Graham 740-504-4425 Gina Oswalt 740-501-8690 11423 Upper Gilchrist Rd. Suite C, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050 Each o†ce independently owned & operated. (740) 397-8800 1-800-466-8180 Brad Swihart 740-501-4461 Richard Merritt 740-616-1754 Beth Eaton 614-378-1977 Sam Highnam 740-504-4083 Realtor of the Month for December Sam Highnam 740-504-4083 Homes Magazine of Knox County 7 Ohio law requires that real estate licensees act as a fiduciary of their client and act in their client’s best interest. In general terms, a licensee’s fiduciary duties include: • Exercising reasonable skill and care in representing the client; • Performing the terms of any written agency agreement; • Following any lawful instructions of the client; • Complying with all requirements of the license law, along with other applicable statutes, rules and regulations. Those include the federal and Ohio fair housing • laws and the Ohio landlord tenant act; • Disclosing to the client any material facts of the transaction of which the licensee is aware or should be aware in the exercise of reasonable skill and care and that are not confidential information under a current or prior agency or dual agency relationship; • Advising the client to obtain expert advice related to material matters when necessary or appropriate; • Accounting in a timely manner for all money and property received in which the client has or may have an interest; and • Keeping confidential all confidential information, unless the licensee is permitted to disclose the information. This requirement includes not disclosing confidential information to other licensees in the brokerage who are not agents of the client. What is a REALTOR? You’re ready! You’ve decided to seize the unique opportunities presented by the current housing market. The single most important transaction in your lifetime should not be conducted without the expertise and assistance of trained and licensed professionals, and this is where REALTORS come in. And, chances are you may be buying or selling a home again. Developing a long-term relationship with a REALTOR is the best way to ensure you will be well-armed and informed when making your housing decisions. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY